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About Us

I still remember, it was a quite late afternoon. Only we could hear was birds chirping, as they were eager to reach their nests as chill was increasing with cease of the day. We were together having a cup of cappuccino in our hands, absorbing the warmth inside. I was on an easy cane chair beside her talking and relishing the serene beauty of nature around us. Suddenly she pointed to her right. Wow! What a view!

The setting sun has out-spread a kind of golden rays on all the plantations on our adjacent hill. The dusty yellow, sparkling leaves on the back-drop of evening blue was awesome. It seemed as if rays were sliding with the slope of the hill, touching each and every thing on its way, making the whole ambiance an ecstatic feeling of peace, harmony and beauty.

Yes, it is our home. Thanks to fotowindo !

Your chosen canvas, as a window on your wall becomes reflective of your personal style and taste, and makes a wonderful design statement.

We bring your wall alive!

We are a community of like-minded independent artists, photographers and designers who are very closely connected with a sole purpose to make great art accessible to all.

Fotowindo brings to you millions of images to choose from, provides various options to convert it into a piece of art, in a very specific size as you need for your wall.

We are building a vast and varied collection of world class art, and we are constantly growing and curating our library. You can browse through our vibrant gallery, or upload any of your favorite image, if not then navigate through various suggested web pages to select one that you like and we will convert that image into a piece of great art for your wall.

Make your window, your piece of art very personal and give it a feel of your own taste, we have provided few painting parameters and characteristics in our order form, so that you can have very similar artwork made out from your selected image.Fotowindo can print any size as per your need, from a small framed piece to as big as to cover your whole wall.

This photo or painting is printed on artist-grade canvas with archival fade-resistant dye or pigment based inks, popularly referred to as Giclée, favored by museums and galleries around the world.

Light variations in colour and texture as viewed in your screen may occur in our final printed canvas and are acceptable.

Upon your order, we will re-confirm the style of painting through mail before we print and ship it to you.

How we work :

1.       Submit us your photo that you like to convert into painting.

  •           You can either upload it from your personal file or
  •           Search and choose from over millions of photos from our suggested sites, and copy and paste the image link.

2.       Give a suitable title or name to your painting.

3.       Define your required size for the painting. Shape, length and height should be similar to that of the photo chosen. That means a portrait image to portrait shape art and landscape image to final landscape painting.

4.       Now choose, whether you want a canvas print or a handmade painting. Your final price is dependent on this and the size that you have chosen above.

5.       Keeping our moto in mind, “making art accessible to all”, affordability and basic pricing is an important aspect of Fotowindo.

  •           A canvas print will cost 799 Rs. per Sq. foot, and
  •           A handmade reproduction will cost 1499 Rs. per Sq. foot.

6.       Set your preferences and likings by choosing our predefined painting parameters like

  •           Abstract
  •           Colourful
  •           Colour variations
  •           Paint thickness

You can choose values from 0 to 5 in each parameters and your final desired painting will possess all these selected preferences combined together.

7.      Once you are done with final order, we will mail you a proof of your final painting immediately. After your approval on it, we will process your order and your very personalized painting will be shipped to you.

So now, let’s get Started !

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