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Sellers FAQs

Q. How do I register as an artist with fotowindo?

First become a member of our community by filling a simple form in sell your art with basic details.  Also share with us four images of your work in the same form. We will evaluate your portfolio and advise you further course of action.

Once you’ve submitted your request, we will take 1 week to get back to you over email.

Q.  Can artists living outside of India register?

Fotowindo is a transparent and equal opportunity platform. Yes, you can apply even if you live outside India. However, you will need an Indian bank account for us to credit your payment in Rupees. We do not remit payments to artists in other currencies and into overseas bank accounts at the moment.

Q. If I register with Fotowindo, may I also register elsewhere?

Fotowindo believes in giving you complete freedom and control over the sale of your art, so you can put up your work on multiple sites.

If you do register with multiple sites, do remember that:

  • Your pricing must be similar across all your places of sale.
  • Data suggests that the best chances you have of selling your art are by showcasing as many works of your art with us as possible. In this way buyers have more choice, and can get to know your style a little better.
  • Showcasing a larger number of works helps our site analytics work for you. It will suggest your works of art to buyers who are likely to buy them.

Q. How many works can I upload?

Fotowindo gives its artists complete control over the sale of their art. You can upload as many new artworks as you want.  Prints are affordable digital reproductions which make your art more accessible and help you enter more homes.

Q.  Who should I contact with more questions?

If you need more help, feel free to email us at  and we’ll do our very best to help you!

Q. How will you market my art?

Fotowindo promotes the work of its artists in many different ways, through PR, Digital Marketing, building traffic and also talking about them on Social Media channels. We do our best to ensure that all your works are showcased to the right audience, and in the right manner.
We also run promotions and discounts among our customers. But the best advertising we have is your art itself, so do upload all your new works of art as soon as possible. And remember to title and describe them well.

Q. What are the products that I can sell in Fotowindo?

You can sell anything related to wall art, mainly paintings, photographs or any other digital images that can be printed on canvas.

Q. How are my art reproductions are priced?

As fotowindo is devoted to make art accessible to all, our pricing is flat and no premium is charged. Our prices are fixed for printed canvas (Rs. 799/SqFt.) and handmade reproductions (Rs. 1499/Sqft.).

Q. What margin shall Fotowindo will take from the selling price of my art?

Since the painting, printing, couriering and other logistics are handled by Fotowindo; we keep a commission of 70% and give a Royalty of 30% of the selling price of the print to the artist.

Q. How will I be informed of the sale of my work?

Fotowindo keeps its partner artists updated. You will be informed of the sale of your work over email and SMS on the contact details you’ve provided us at the time of registration. It is therefore, essential to be contactable to the Fotowindo team. Please provide alternate numbers wherever possible – you can also provide the number of a family member or a friend in a case we need to reach you in an emergency.

Q. When will I get payments for my sold work?

We have a payment cycle of 15 days, that is twice a month. Once your art is sold, you will receive your payment after 15 days, either mid or end of the month.

These payments will be made into your registered bank account, so do keep your bank account and PAN details updated at all times!

Q. What should be the size of the images I upload on the site?

Your image resolution should be of 1400 x 1400 pixels for good viewing experience of the buyer.

For Digital prints, which we recommend resolution to be a minimum of 200 dpi and the required size may increase up to 4000 x 4000 pixels. But this should be mailed to us once we mutually agreed to showcase your work.

Q.   What happens to the copyright of my work?

The copyright of your artwork is retained by you. Fotowindo will not reproduce your original artwork in any form, other than what you authorize for the sale of prints and handmade reproductions.

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